I’m a big fan of tea. Green, black, oolong, white, I love them all. And my favorite is mugicha, which is basically green barley tea. My sister and I are huge fans of this healthy drink and we always buy it from our local health food store. But after being away on vacation for a month, we were forced to drink coffee at the hotel restaurant instead because there was no mugicha in sight! We knew that couldn’t be the end of the story, so we went online to find out how to make our own mugicha at home.

Mugicha is a Japanese drink, and you probably won’t find it on the menu of your local pub or restaurant; but don’t worry – you can easily make this at home yourself. This herbal beverage is extremely healthy for helping your digestion.

Okay, so how do you warm up? Whatever it is, it works for you. Maybe it’s some tea or coffee, or maybe in your case, hot chocolate. Here’s some ideas to revamp what you normally drink this winter season.